Patient Testimonials for Dr. Kramer

Dr. Kramer is an excellent surgeon. The work he performed was perfect and my recovery time was short with little discomfort. I would recommend him to anyone requiring any sort of General Surgery. Thank you Dr. Kramer!
J. Jenkins 

Surgery went well,Dr Kramer made me feel at ease I would recommend him to family and friends.His office and staff are wonderful,too.
MaryAnn Counts

great bedside manner, takes time to explain procedure and listen to any an all questions. Did not feel rushed at the initial consult and the follow up appointment

I had colon resection surgery for diverticulitis with Dr. Kramer, and I could not be happier with the result. He was great. I knew beforehand that complications were possible and that the laparoscopic/robotic procedure might have to be changed during the surgery to a full-open abdominal surgery. Even though the surgery ended up being more complicated than initially thought, he was able to complete it with laparoscopy. My recovery was fast. Home in 48 hours. So glad I chose Dr. Kramer.

I had surgery for a hernia. Dr Kramer stated what he was going to do and did it. I had very minor pain for about 3 days. Now everything is great. I would recommend Dr Kramer to anyone considering surgery.
-Bob Augustine

Excellent surgeon. made me feel very comfortable with his explanation of the proposed surgical procedure. After the surgery he followed up with me on two different occasions to determine how I was doing. He is a very caring physician.
-J Barrie | May 19, 2018

I had a great experience with my hernia operation. I was seen by Dr. Kramer quickly after the injury, surgery was scheduled soon after that. Post-surgery went extremely well. I took two over the counter pain pills the first night and was fine after that.
-Jim Heilman | Apr 25, 2018

Dr. Kramer and his staff my double hernia surgery a breeze from start to finish, everyone was helpful and Dr Kramer was able to tell me exactly what was going to happen during the surgery and what to expect afterwards. I would highly recommend Dr Kramer if you should need his services.
-Adam | Mar 22, 2018

-LIZ P | Mar 17, 2018

Dr Kramer and his practice were of the highest professionalism. The medical diagnosis, explanation and treatment was flawless. Office appointments were on time and billing and insurance were coordinated effortlessly. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kramer for any general surgical procedure.
-Timothy Turek | Jan 17, 2018

I met Dr. Kramer for a biopsy because an annual mammogram showed a mass on my left breast that appeared suspicious for possible malignancy. The biopsy proved just that. Dr. Kramer called me direct to give the bad news but he explained everything and was thorough. And I felt confident that I was in good hands right away. I had surgery a month later to remove the tumor. Before surgery he again informed me exactly what was to occur and with a gentle touch. The surgery was a success!
-Barbara Crowley 

Dr. Kramer has a warm, trusting and friendly manner that made my overall experience using him as my surgeon very satisfying. His professional demeanor during my office visits and his pre and post operating room visits assured my that my regular physician had made an excellent choice when recommending Dr. Kramer for my needed surgery. I highly recommend using Dr. Kramer for surgical needs.
-Allan Broholm in North Aurora, IL

I’m 69 yo female & Dr. Kramer removed my gallbladder. Explained procedure and why he was recommending surgery at the results of tests that I had been through. He is very nice and I felt very confident with him at our first meeting. Surgery could not have gone better. Done robotically, out patient, very little pain, but sore. Back to work in 10 days. Highly recommend.
-Hampshire, IL

excellent treatment
-Michael Mulcahy in Huntley, IL

In August of 2017 Dr. Kramer performed laparoscopic surgery to repair my inguinal and umbilical hernias. Since three months have passed I felt it time to give Dr. Kramer my personal review of the outstanding care I have experienced. I have never felt better since the surgery and am now able to perform many physical activities that my hernias had restricted me from doing. I am grateful to him for making the entire process from my initial visit to post surgery .follow=up a positive experience.
-Larry in Elgin, IL


Very businesslike and professional. I also view it as a plus that Dr. Kramer is assisting with training the next generation of medical professionals.
-MJC in St Charles, IL

I had my gallbladder removed. It was major surgery, but how easy Dr. Kramer made it. My surgery was outpatient. I was home 6 hours after I walked in for the surgery. I took pain meds for only 2 days, and I was doing stairs and laundry that same night. It takes a while to get your full energy back . . . but after all, it was major surgery. He was very kind and sympathetic to my symptoms and my desire to have the surgery as soon as possible. It could not have gone more smoothly. My sincere thanks.
-Mar L in Geneva, IL

I had to have my gallbladder out in July. I was extremely nervous about the procedure and the outcome. Dr. Kramer and his staff were very compassionate and kind. The surgery was done via robot with only one incision total. The pain was minimal (one norco and 2 advil for the whole recovery). Dr. Kramer even called me himself to see how I was doing. That certainly does not happen very often anymore. I’m 4 weeks post op and doing great. I would highly recommend Dr. Kramer to anyone needing surgery.
-Alycia in Aurora, IL

Very personable. Explained procedure in detail. Attentive to all requests.
-Dan in Sandwich

I will recomend Dr. Kramer to family and friends. Excellent doctor.
-Bruce W. in Elburn ,Il

Dr. Kramer was very kind & informative. He appeared awkward with “people skills” but seemed genuinely concerned about answering all my questions. I did have an appointment delayed because he was in surgery & had to reschedule his time with me. Then at the make-up appointment, it was a half hour wait for what turned out to be a 5-minute follow-up. But he seemed willing to take as much time with me as needed, and his staff offered to get me in sooner if I had concerns.
-kpw814 in St. Charles, IL

Very pleased with my surgery and having no complications. Very pleased with Dr. Kramer’s work. Thank you.
-St Charles, IL

I was really nervous about this surgery. I had the surgery at DelNor Hospital in Geneva, IL. The staff was wonderful. Dr. Krammer was in command of this surgery which made me feel very comfortable. He is knowledgable and gives information freely, answering all questions and addressing concerns. I believe it was his skill that made for a speedy recovery. Kudos as well to a very friendly office staff. You would be in good hands with Dr. Krammer.
-BettyLou Turner in Geneva, Il

Was diagnosed with hernia on 5/31 by my primary care physician, who referred me to Dr. Kramer. First visit to his office was on 6/6; hernia was repaired 3 days later; and 14 days after that Dr. Kramer cleared me to resume all of my normal activities, including running, biking, sailing, and golf.

Dr. Kramer’s office staff, nurses, etc, were extremely accommodating, and his demeanor was very friendly, empathetic, and informative. I strongly recommend him and his entire team.
-Jim Screeden in St Charles, IL

Dr. Kramer performed my difficult gallbladder surgery with little notice. 48 hours earlier, I had a bile duct obstruction removed in preparation for surgery the next morning. Dr. Kramer’s partner, Dr Slogoff, was to perform the surgery, but I had new, much more intense pain while being prepped in OR. She ran blood tests and had to delay surgery due to pancreatitis. The next day, Dr. Kramer fit me in and did a great job with a mess which would have been much worse in another 24 hours. Thank you!
-Geneva, IL

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